My journey as a personal trainer didn't start till later on in my life. It wasn't till 35 when I started running and thinking about losing weight and finally joined a gym at 40, so I understand how hard it is to get started.  It was then when I realised how important health and fitness was and that I wanted to become a personal trainer and help others. After completing my Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness in 2008 I started to work as a Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor.  I joined the team at the Mercure Resort gym in 2009 and since 2017 have been the proud owner of this little gem located in Carrara on the Gold Coast. 

Some fitness milestones I have achieved during my time in training include half marathons, a full marathon, Kokoda Challenges (96km walk/run), triathlons and a half ironman.  I have also bicycled from the top of New Zealand to Wellington.  My clients have joined me on some of these adventures and I get excited to help them achieve their goals and see what they're really capable of.

Ann-Maree Knight

Owner/Personal Trainer

I take pride in self study and  keeping up to date with the latest fitness research and trends to ensure I can provide a highly personalised training regime to meet my clients needs.  I have completed courses in areas such as:

  • Pilates

  • Mat work

  • Vin Yasa Yoga

  • Boxing

  • Kettlebells

  • Battling Ropes

  • Weighted sandbags

  • Suspension training

When I see people losing weight, gaining strength, becoming more flexible and gaining movement, it drives me to becoming the best I can be. I have trained many clients between the ages of 10 to 88.  I enjoy training people of all ages and I am amazed at the changes of strength and movement that can be achieved at any age with the right advice, training and programming.  It truly is never too late for improvement. Contact us today to start your fitness journey or to find out more information. 

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